tracy-zimmer.jpegHi, my name is Tracy Zimmer and I make my home in Calgary Alberta, Canada with my husband Shane and my two children who are 10 and 7. I grew up in a small town and got my Education degree at the University of Saskatchewan. After graduating I headed out and got my first job teaching high school math which I did for 13 years. I enjoyed teaching at the time as it worked well for my family, however I got introduced to Relationship Marketing and a company called SEACRET in Oct 2012. At that moment, I found that part-time passion I was looking for and never looked back. I joined SEACRET because it was something different and thought why not! I loved the idea of skincare and making some extra money.


Shortly after coming on board I was fortunate enough to attend a convention put on by SEACRET in Huntington Beach. It was there that I seen where this company was going and I made a decision after that weekend to take my business to the next level. I realized that this could become more than just a part-time hobby for me. Still working as a teacher, being a wife and a mom and having no experience in this industry I was able to produce a 6 figure income in my first 12.5 months of starting.


I am passionate about SEACRET and where it is going. To be part of a company that has a strong vision and know that I can help so many others accomplish their goals is what fuels me. SEACRET has provided me with the vehicle to get to where I want to go along with so many others. Definitely an opportunity I am happy I opened the door to!

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