Convention and What it Can Do for Your Business

Wow, I remember my first convention almost three years ago with SEACRET and what it did for me. When I was introduced to SEACRET what intrigued me the most was not only the product but the opportunity it presented. I had never been in network marketing before but I did know that if you positioned yourself  with the right company that had a product with proven sales you had an opportunity to be as successful as you set out to be. A week after signing up I attended a convention in Huntington beach. I owe that convention 100% for the success that I have been able to enjoy with my business. I came back to Canada so confident in the company, the products, the leadership and everything else that went with it and SHARED what I experienced with everyone back home. I booked wow party after wow party and told everyone I cared and loved about SEACRET. The passion I felt was real and it was easy to see every time I spoke about the opportunity.


Now over two years later, I have not missed one convention and I am still amazed how much it helps your business. To be honest, every top earner within SEACRET has been to every convention. It allows you the opportunity  to  meet leadership and owners and path the road for where you want to take our business.  You need the positive ambiance to strengthen your belief system, you want to meet successful people as well as hear the stories from other agents. You will come back with a much better understanding of the company, its products and the business model. Not to forget, work hard play hard. I always look forward to getting together with all of my SEACRET family which continues to grow year after year and celebrate all of our accomplishments. The amazing thing is no matter how big of an opportunity we have now, we are just getting started!  You invested good money and time away from your family to be at the convention, so make sure you maximize the experience and get as much from it as you can to take your business to the next level. Look where it got me, I never thought in my life would I be on stage in front of a largercrowd. As a teacher, I was only comfortable in front of a classroom of kids! A dream is the vision you create and see for your life in the future, in order to reach that vision, you must break out of your comfort zone and make yourself comfortable in uncharted territory and not fear the unknown. No one knows what they are capable of until they try so I ask you, why not try?


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