Struggles in your business?

What type of person are you when things get tough?  When you run into struggles, pit falls, road blocks, plateaus, how will you react?  Are you going to be the person who keeps their eye on the prize and fights to the end or are you the person to throw in the towel and give […]

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PEAK Leadership Summit

WOW SEACRET had their first leadership summit conference this June in Phoenix Arizona called PEAK! What an absolutely amazing time! Good people to be around! Great leadership training. And fantastic memories. We got to hear from the amazing Les Brown, what an awesome inspirational speaker he is. I also had the honor of giving a testimonial […]

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Mindset and Consistency

Two key components to be successful in relationship marketing. Learn how your mindset can attract the right people to your business and how consistency is key to long term growth.    

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Day 6 of SEACRET Diamond Destination

Well last day here in Israel.  Started with our photo shoots in the morning and then more time to enjoy the Dead Sea!!! The water in this part was much nicer than the water where we played in the mud.  It was crystal clear and you could feel all the oils from the water around […]

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Dead Sea

Day 5 of SEACRET Diamond Destination

We got on our bus this morning and drove to the Dead Sea. We went to one part where it had more of the good mud and we got to give ourselves body mud masks which was really awesome and felt great on the skin.  We then checked into our Dead Sea hotel and it […]

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Day 4 Of SEACRET Diamond Destiantion

We started the day out with a drive to Jerusalem. Wow breathtaking city. We did a 3 hour walk and got to see some stations of the cross, the site where the crucifixion and resurrection took place which was called the holiest site on earth. We The place was packed with so many people touring […]

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