Exciting news as Seacret Direct opens yet another country! Seacret Germany is the 7th out of 40 countries to be transitioning from Seacret retail to Seacret Direct. It is a very exciting time in Germany right now. Seacret Direct was #1 in growth in the world last year in all of Direct Sales with 104% growth rate and now you can be part of this expanding opportunity . It has been truly amazing being part of a global expansion. Build your part time passion with not only a great community of people but the most phenomenal skin, body, and hair care products with much more in development. With 1 billion dollars in sales on the retail side world wide and now transitioning to the network, you can start your own business on top of what you already do. Position yourself for success with this incredible timing right now in Germany! To see more about the Seacret products and the power of the Dead Sea check out this short video below.

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