SEACRET Launches New Products

    As I mentioned in my last post, I am always excited to attend convention as I always walk away with something that will help me grow my business. Well today, SEACRET didn’t just fill toolbox, they gave me a new on that is twice the size!!

    I am excited to announce that SEACRET has expanded our Skincare line to include Seacret Corrective Cream. This product has been something our customers have been asking for and as usual, our product development team has delivered. It is an all in one moisturizer with multiple Colors to cover uneven skin tone or redness and best off all, its infused with DEAD SEA MINERALS and provides SPF protection.

    Also, we have grown our haircare line which provides us the opportunity to sell not only to our existing clients but also into professional spas. A brand new straightener that is made with a ceramic plate like every salon grade straightener on the market. However, it wouldn’t be a SEACRET product if it was just professional grade. So in SEACRET fashion, we stepped it up a notch with a unique stone that is infused with dead sea minerals that allows the straightener to disperse heat more evenly and ensure the health of the hair. We have also added Seacret Hair clay to compliment our exiting line of Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum!!

    Have a look at the launch video from convention filmed by Alicia Humphrie for a quick overview. More details to come as released.

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